The Games - 4th to 15th April 2018


The Games are coming in April.

Take your marks and get set for The Games, here's your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know from arriving to the Q1 to getting to your event in time.

The fourteen-day event will be non- stop excitement with lots of games & events on and off the track.

There will be road closures, public transport changes and support events up and down the Gold Coast that you, your friends and family will need to know about. 


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THE GAMES 04-15 APRIL 2018

"The Games" 2018 and commonly known as Gold Coast 2018, is an international multi sport event for member of the Commonwealth that will be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia held between the 4th and 15th April 2018. The winning bid to host the games was announced on 11th of November 2011 and will be the fifth time Australia has hosted The Games.

  • Games Route Network

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    The Games Route Network is a series of designated roads that will link the Commonwealth Games Village to all competition and non-competition venues and airports.

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  • Interactive Map

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    Please find this simple and easy to use interactive map to help you understand more about how your journey could be affected if you choose to travel in your usual way.

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  • Going To The Games

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    Public transport services will be a great way to access events, with additional transport services being added during Games time to cater for increased demand.

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  • Road Closures

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    There will be a range of road impacts as a result of increased traffic demands, road based events and associated detours and closures, plan ahead and get set for the games.

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  • Public Transport

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    The Gold Coast is serviced by an integrated network of train, tram and local bus services, making public transport a great way to get around during The Games.

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  • Baton Relay

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    The Baton Relay is a Games tradition that celebrates diversity, inspires community pride and excites people about the world-class festival of sports and culture to come.

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TRANSPORT - Free Public Transport

"The Games" is not an ordinary event, it's the biggest event Australia has seen this decade. A reveller who have pre-purchased an event ticket can travel free on the day of your event, all you need is your ticket. To ensure you have a great experience it's important to plan your journey early and make sure you take advantages of walking, cycling and public transport where possible.

Top Tips 

Plan ahead: Don't leave your journey planning to the last minute. The best way for spectators to access events will be walking, cycling and public transport.

Leave your car at the resort: As there will be no venue parking and some roads will be restricted, why not leave the car at the resort and use the free public transport included with your event ticket?

Walking or cycling may be quicker: Walking and cycling may be the best way to get to the event if it is close by. Bicycle parking will be available near the venues. Visit here for more information on free travel.

Public transport is free: Free public transport will be available for ticketed spectators travelling to and from competition events on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane on TransLink’s South East Queensland public transport network. * Free travel will finish at 3am the day after your event and is not be available on the Airtrain service, and any bus charters that are privately-owned and operated.

Trains:The train is your best option to travel between the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Additional train services will operate between Brisbane and the Gold Coast during peak spectator travel periods to support "The Games" demand. During the Games, most Gold Coast train stations will act as transport hubs for spectator and accredited workforce, with GC2018 shuttle bus services operating to and from competition venues. Head to the Journey Planner to plan your public transport journey to your event.

Tram G:link: The G:Link is a great option to access events and festival 2018 locations along the coastal line from Broadbeach to Helensvale. There’ll be no need for a timetable during "The Games" with G:link services running 24 hours a day from the 4th to the 15th of April, with a service every 7.5 minutes or better between 7am and 11pm. In peak event periods there will be a G:Link service every six minutes. It will also run all night, every night during "The Games" with services every 10 minutes from 11pm to 1am; every 30 minutes from 1am to 5am; and every 15 minutes from 5am to 7am. During the Games you can ride the tram more often with an extra 65 services per day travelling between Helensvale and Broadbeach South stations.

Local Buses: Existing bus services will be a great way to get around during the Games. To cater for increased travel demand during GC2018, 12 high frequency bus routes will run every 15 minutes or better between 7am and 7pm from the 4th – 15th of April on the Gold Coast. Some routes will operate later in the evening depending on the competition schedule. High frequency routes include:

Route 700 Route 745 
Route 704 Route 750 
Route 705  Route 760 
Route 713 Route 765 
Route 719  Route 777 
Route 740  Route TX7 

Games Shuttles: To support the existing public transport network, Games shuttles will be available to ticketed spectators and GOLDOC accredited workforce. These shuttles will run frequently connecting park ‘n’ rides and Transport Hubs directly to and from competition venues. Shuttles will run for up to two hours before competition and up to 60 minutes after. In addition to Games shuttles, Route GC2018 will travel between Helensvale and Nerang stations, connecting with key transport interchanges and competition venues along the route including Southport, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. This service will operate 24 hours a day during the competition period. To support ticketed spectators travelling from Brisbane to the Gold Coast on public transport, supplementary bus shuttle services will be available at times of high demand. For ticketed spectators travelling back to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs late at night, there will be bus services available from key inner city train stations to a wide range of suburban locations. Not every shuttle is accessible, however, accessible shuttles will service locations at a high frequency.

Transport Hubs: During the Games, some existing public transport facilities will be converted to GC2018 Transport Hubs. From these locations, passengers travelling to the Games can transfer from public transport services to Games shuttle services which connect directly to specific competition venues. Each Transport Hub will service different venues. There are eight GC2018 Transport Hubs located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. They will be located at:

Carindale Station (Brisbane)
Coomera station
Helensvale station
Varsity Lakes station
Gold Coast University Hospital station
Broadbeach South station
Peninsular Drive, Surfers Paradise
Nerang station

Park 'n' Ride: Public transport, walking and cycling will be your best options to access events. If you do intend to drive to your event, pre-booked park ‘n’ ride spaces will be available as there is no parking available at GC2018 venues and parking restrictions will be in place around venues. Park ‘n’ rides will be available to ticketed spectators to access GC2018 venues and transport services including Games shuttle buses. Park ‘n’ ride sites will include facilities for spectator comfort and safety and will also accommodate motorcycle and accessible parking. Games shuttles will run regularly from each venue specific park ‘n’ ride site with the exception of the two park ‘n’ rides which are serviced by trains, not shuttles (Beenleigh High School and Varsity Lakes). Not every park ‘n’ ride site is connected to each venue.

Park ‘n’ rides will be operational at different times according to the competition schedule. To ensure that there is sufficient parking for all competition sessions, those using a park ‘n’ ride are required to catch a return shuttle bus within 60 minutes of the end of the your competition session. Vehicles left after this time (plus shuttle bus travel time) will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The park ‘n’ ride sites will be free to use, but some will need to be pre-booked through the GC2018 Journey Planner in advance. Each park ‘n’ ride site will service specific venues. Park 'n' ride locations can be found here.

*Spectators and workforce: The park 'n' ride is available to anyone attending a "Games" venue or festival hub including the "Games" workforce. **Pre-booked ticketed spectators only: The park 'n' ride needs to be pre-booked for the venue and session time that you have ticket/s for. Spaces are limited, so book your park ‘n’ ride spot today.


Recommended travel time from Q1 to Gold Coast Airport please allow a minimum of 2 hours travel time due to increased traffic on the Gold Coast highway and airport terminals, for Brisbane Airport please allow 3.5hrs travel time. International Flights please allow an additional 2 hours on top.

Gold Coast Airport to Q1 Surfers Paradise (including Airport Parking)

Sedan Holden Caprice or similar   $75.00
 7 Seat Mercedes Benz People Mover or Similar  $95.00
 11 Seat Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Similar  $105.00 

Q1 Surfers Paradise to Brisbane Airport (including bridge toll)

Sedan (Holden Caprice or Similar  $200.00
7 Seat Mercedes Benz People Mover or Similar  $225.00
11 Seat Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Similar  $235.00

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Shared shuttle services are cheaper BUT pick up is up to 4 hours prior to Gold Coast airport and 5 hours to Brisbane airport

Q1 Surfers Paradise to Gold Coast Airport (including bridge toll)

    ADULT      CHILD      FAMILY   
ONE WAY    $22.00     $13.00      $57.00   
RETURN    $41.00     $22.00      $110.00

Q1 Surfers Paradise to Brisbane Airport (including bridge toll)

ONE WAY   $54.00     $28.00     $136.00  
RETURN   $99.00     $50.00     $248.00  

If you would like to book a transfer or require more information, please contact our Tour Desk on 07 5630 4515 or email your name, contact number and date of transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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