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Hanazono Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant offers an exciting dining experience at the foot of Q1 Resort. Let Hanazono's master chefs dazzle you with their skill as they slice, dice, juggle, and entertain you at our Teppanyaki Japanese grill. Teppanyaki ("teppan" meaning iron plate , and "yaki" meaning grilled) is a complete dining experience, where the preparation of food is an art form, like many other types of Japanese cuisine. At Hanazono their focus is on delivering a high quality authentic Japanese restaurant dining experience.

Hanazono Teppanyaki is recognised as the premier Gold Coast teppanyaki bar and grill. They specialise in Japanese cuisine cooked fresh at your table Teppanyaki style. From prime local steak to delicious seafood and chicken dishes to tempt even the fussiest eater, Hanazono Teppanyaki has the highest quality chefs and local fresh produce.

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Hanazono Teppanyaki can accommodate large groups for celebrations of all kinds, and can organise a special Teppanyaki Menu for your function. At Hanazono Teppanyaki their attentive staff will ensure you and your guests have an enjoyable stay, with lots of fun.

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Phone: 07 5539 9804


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Friday - Monday: 12:00noon – 2:00pm


7 Days 5:00pm - 8:30pm

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Please note: Hanazono Teppanyaki is an independently owned and operated venue which resides as part of the Q1 Retail precinct and not affiliated with the Q1 Resort & Spa